News Item

Hospital Foundation Youth Volunteer Opportunity

September 09, 2015

GRADE 9 Students (must be at least 14 years old)  - THIS IS AN AMAZING OPPORUNITY for you...

Are you interested in earning GRAD HOURS this year?

Please take a look below to see if this project placement might be for you!  If you are interested, please pick up the application form at the office.


HOST: Kelowna General Hospital

2268 Pandosy Street, Kelowna

Students can choose to work at one or more of the following venues:

Ø The Royal Bistro: jobs in this area will center on food preparation and customer service.

Ø The Perking Lot Coffee Bar: duties include prep of specialty coffee, other beverages and baking, and customer service - Learn Barista skills!

Ø The KGH Gift Shop: duties include customer service, sales and merchandising.

Ø The Rutland Hospital Thrift Store – Saturdays or if they have availability through the week from 9 – 4.

Ø Cottonwoods Gift Shop – After school and on weekends. Duties include customer service, sales and merchandising. May include opening procedures. Will include closing procedures.

Students will attend a minimum of 2 training session and then be expected to make a time commitment of one shift per week (a shift is 4 hours long). We are looking for students who are interested in a long term commitment with a minimum of 80+ hours.   There may also be an opportunity for students to work on special events.