News Item

Grade 8 Course Selection

February 27, 2015

Grade 7 students received their grade 8 course selection forms during mentorship block today.  Grade 8 course selection forms are due on March 4th.  Parental guidance during this process is helpful.

We do our best to accommodate students with their choice options, however, at times timetable constraints make it necessary for students to be scheduled in a different option.  Please ensure that a parent or guardian signs your child's course selection form prior to him/her returning it to school to acknowledge that you have seen and support the choices. (grade 8 course selection forms are also available on the website)

Grade 8 students received their course selection forms on February 18th. Those forms were due today.

Grade 9 students will receive their grade 10 KSS course selection forms and booklets on Friday, February 27th.

We anticipate that our school population will be at a maximum in September. In addition, our school district is converting to a new timetable operating system over the summer. For these reasons, course selection changes after July 1st will be very difficult if not impossible.  It is very important that students accurately select the course that they want during this initial course selection phase.

Do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.