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Ecole KLO Middle School Music

The KLO Music Department believes :

 Music is integral part of a student's overall education.

 KLO Music Program, 7-9, strives to establish for every student a lasting relationship with music that provides satisfaction, enjoyment, and personal growth during the middle school years and throughout life. 

 The KLO Music Department has many components:


Meaningful ensemble experiences - Grade 7 Interdisciplinary Arts Program (Band/Art/Drama); Concert Band 8/9, Jazz Bands 8/9, Combos 8/9

                                                    Special M Block Choir, Grades 7-9

Opportunities for individual students to develop their music skills, creative abilities and Habits of the Mind (Skills for success in life that build character through purposeful teamwork, commitment, responsibility, leadership, communication, service to school/community)


Grade 8 Concert / Jazz Bands & KLO M Block Choir - Elementary Tour - March, 2018

Grade 9 Concert / Jazz Bands & Gr. 8/9 Choir Team - Vancouver Island Tour, May 2018

Kiwanis Festival (Grade 7-9 Concert Bands)

Interior Jazz Festival - Grade 8/9 Jazz Bands, Combos (TBA)

M Block Choir - KLO Remembrance Day Assembly, Kelowna General Hospital, Kelowna Golf & Country Club, Gr. 8 Elementary Tour

Winter/Spring Concerts

KLO Annual Show & Share Event



KLO Band Grade 7 Handbook - 2017

MUSIC DEPT Handbook 2017.docx


Please open the following documents for more information about the Band 7 program at KLO.
Band 7 Work Ethic Chart.pdf

Please contact Ms. Bone at KLO or by email ( if you have any questions.