KLO Science Fair

​Are you interested in completing a science fair project?  Check out the information below or see your science teacher.

Background Research Essay

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Google Science Fair

Central Okanagan Science Fair 2013

Compost Tea Project

Shooting for Science Project


Project Ideas

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Find out what you need to do BEFORE you start your project. You can download this Ethics Flow Chart.pdf file or view below. Links for the forms are at the bottom of the page.


If your proposed science fair project involves the participation of humans or animals, visit the following web page so you can become familiar with the policies that apply: http://ethics.youthscience.ca

You must complete all required forms prior to starting your experimentation or study.

Animal participation:

If your proposed project involves animals visit: http://ethics.youthscience.ca/animals
Any forms related to animal ethics can also be found at: http://ethics.youthscience.ca/animals-forms
Human participation:
If your proposed project involves humans visit: http://ethics.youthscience.ca/human-participation
Any forms related to ethics for projects involving humans can also be found at: http://ethics.youthscience.ca/human-participation-forms
If you are unsure if your project idea would be approved by the Ethics Committee of the Regional Science Fair please use this form to make such a request. Send it by email to the Central Okanagan Regional Science Fair contact for SD23 students: SD23 Science Fair Ethics Chair​
In complex cases, the Ethics Committee of the Regional Science Fair may wish to seek advice and/or a ruling from the Youth Science Canada National Ethics Committee. Students may not request a ruling directly from the National Ethics Committee. The advice, and ruling, will be sent to the student(s), the chair of the RSF, or designate, and the chief judge. It is the goal of the National Ethics Committee to respond to requests for a ruling within seven days.