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Why Cite?

​Plagarism: How to NOT to do it! - this 3 min video simply explains when to credit.

Why you should cite it Right! - check out this video!

Copyright K-12 Schools - information and faq's
A Fair(y) Use Tale - Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University created this humorous, yet informative, review of copyright principles delivered through the words of the very folks we can thank for nearly endless copyright terms. (NOTE:  Fair use is a term in American copyright law that provides more generous classroom access to materials than does the Canadian fair dealing; the two should not be confused.  The only conditions under which Canadian educators have been able to legally show Disney films has been with a site or district license.) 

​Logging into databases

Check out this document about the steps for logging in and accessing online databases and a variety of other resources! Its free if you are a teacher or student in BC

Access to Online Databases.pdfAccess to Online Databases.pdf

If you are a teacher, follow these steps to access video streaming.

Access Learning.pdfAccess Learning.pdf

​Evaluating Websites

CRAAP - evaluating websites

Search Tips

Google Basic Search Help
Google Search Operators

Primary vs Secondary Sources

This PowerPoint presentation has information and video explaining Primary and Secondary some research tips!

Primary vs Secondary Sources.ppsx