Break & Lunch Procedures


Like all middle schools in SD23, KLO is a “closed campus” school. A student cannot leave for lunch unless s/he has permission from her/his parents saying that s/he can go home for lunch. If a student lives close enough to walk home for lunch without an adult, the school requires the student to have a note on file in the office stating that the s/he has parent/guardian’s permission to do so. Students cannot take friends home with them at lunch.
Students staying at KLO for lunch have many options for food.
  • Students can bring a lunch from home.
  • Students are also able to sign up for the Hot Lunch Program in our cafeteria. Hot Lunch menus and order forms are distributed on a monthly basis. The Hot Lunch Program is served four days a week.
  • KLO has a school store, Clawsco, which sells a variety of items for lunch. These include soup, granola bars, juice and water, sushi, salads, and pizza.  Clawsco is open five days a week.
  • KLO also has vending machine which have a selection of healthy snacks and drinks.


There are two short nutrition breaks after 1st and 3rd period. The short breaks are an opportunity for students to use the washrooms, eat snacks, go to lockers and get a breath of fresh air.​