Attendance Procedures


School starts at 9:00 am and finishes at 3:15 pm. The school office is opened from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. Some of the school & city busses arrive at 8:00 am and the school is open for students at this time. The school is closed at 4:30 pm except for students involved in school programs that are scheduled after hours such as practices and rehearsals.




Students are expected to arrive at school on time. When students are unavoidably late, they must report to the office, sign in and obtain a signature and a late slip. Parents are requested to phone the school or to provide a note. A student will be marked as an excused late if they provide a note or if their parent has called the school.
Persistent lateness will be dealt with in a progressive disciplinary fashion. Classroom lates are the responsibility of the classroom teacher who will also assign a consequence.


If a student will be absent from school, a parent or guardian should call the school and report the absence. The school number is (250) 870-5106. Someone is available to answer the phone from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. After that, our night service is available to leave a message. When students are absent with no phone call or prior notice from parents, a staff member will call the parent or guardian of the absent child to ensure that the absence is indeed an “excused” one. It is very important to notify the school if your son or daughter will be away.



If a student feels ill at school, they should ask the teacher for permission to go to the office. Someone will contact a parent/guardian. If a parent/guardian is unavailable, the student can wait in the sick room until someone is contacted or until the student feels better.

For safety reasons it is important that students do not use their personal cell phones to call home when they are ill, instead, students are asked to report to the office so we can ensure their well-being until a ride arrives.


Students leaving school early must sign out at the office before leaving. Students who leave during the day must provide the office with a note from their parent/guardian before signing out.


Teachers are not responsible for providing work in advance to students who miss school due to vacations taken during school time. If parents choose to take a student out of school, the many daily classroom activities they miss cannot be duplicated through worksheets or assignments. The students may well have cultural or travel experiences during such absences which contribute to overall development, but it is unavoidable that school work will suffer. Before leaving and upon returning, parents should contact their child’s teachers to discuss the impact this absence will have on their individual child’s progress. Teachers and teacher websites can be accessed via our school website at