About KLO
École KLO Middle School is the only dual track French immersion middle school in School District 23. Students come to École KLO Middle School from our feeder schools: École Belgo Elementary, École Casorso Elementary, AS Matheson Elementary, Raymer Elementary, École Dorthea Walker, École George Pringle Elementary and South Kelowna Elementary School. We also have students from other schools, cities, provinces and countries at KLO.
The middle school program is designed to meet the unique needs of the early adolescent. Middle schools were created to help the adolescent successfully move through this important stage of life.

For a school to be successful, students, staff and parents must be committed to a clearly defined set of core values. The National Middle School Association has developed a set of core values which characterize developmentally responsive middle schools. These values provide direction for school programs and the establishment of a school climate in which each student may have the opportunity to grow as an individual and reach an optimum level of academic, artistic, athletic and personal success. At École KLO Middle School we strive to establish an atmosphere that supports the core values characterized by all developmentally ​responsive middle schools.
Developmentally responsive middle schools are characterized by:
    • Educators committed to young adolescents
    • A shared vision
    • High expectations for all
    • An adult advocate for every child
    • Family and community partnerships
    • A positive school climate
Therefore, developmentally responsive middle school provide:
    • Curriculum that is challenging, integrative and exploratory
    • Varied teaching and learning approaches
    • Assessment and evaluation that promote learning
    • Flexible organizational structures
    • Programs and policies that foster health, wellness and safety
    • Comprehensive guidance & support services

CORE BLOCK (Career Opportunities and Reflective Exploration)

Each student at KLO is connected to a teacher for CORE block. ​During this 62 minute block on Wednesdays, students undertake activities designed to be engaging with issues relevant to middle school life and adolescent development​.  Students explore a variety of activities and lessons in both Career Education​ and the Character Strong  program. With a focus on the holistic development of each student, CORE’s purpose is to​ encourage students​ to set personal goals, explore future opportunities, build a sense of community, develop positive character traits, and reflect on their learning in alignment with core competencies and curricular competencies​. These activities all contribute to KLO’s culture of inclusion and a sense of belonging. CORE teachers provide each child with a caring, warm, and friendly advocate who will help each student feel capable, connected, and contributing. Thus, a key component of CORE is to have students develop positive interpersonal skills and self-awareness that are integral to navigating the exciting, and sometimes challenging, world of adolescence. Cultural assemblies, and most administrivia (ie. report card & newsletter distribution, photo purchases, fundraising collections, etc.) is also done during CORE Block.


Student achievement will be documented at each reporting period.  Students will receive a work habit mark for CORE and a letter grade and work habit mark for Career Education. 


Teacher teams are one of the most widely recognized features of a true middle school. Teaming is used to describe the way in which we organize instruction in middle schools. Teaming is a collaboration between adults with varied expertise and the group of students they teach. Grade 7 and Grade 8 students will be taught their core subjects by a team of teachers who will get to know them well. They will monitor student progress, attendance, and work ethic, and communicate this information to parents and students.